Thread of Hope

Originally published March 2009.

The Gypsy Thread, sometimes called the Hindu Thread, is a magic routine that I am very proud of.  I first saw it performed by one of my magic mentors, Eugene Burger.  I immediately fell in love with how pure the magic was.  In fact, whenever I see Eugene’s performance of it, I am still in awe of the mood that he creates with such a simple, yet powerful piece of magic.  It was his ability to tell a story with his performance of it that inspired me to create my version of the mystery.

This piece was one of my first attempts at creating magic that spoke at a deeper level to my audience.  Generally speaking, most magic is simply a couple of jokes or corny lines that are strung together to be a light hearted distraction.  I wanted this piece to make my audiences think.  I wanted them to reflect on life for a moment and consider something greater than themselves.  I firmly believe that magic can and should speak to us the same way that a great film, song or piece of art does.  At times it should be funny.  At other times it should be inspirational or action packed or even sad.  When performed well, with a good presentation, magic has the ability to do so much more than just amaze.  How cool would it be if magic addressed big topics the way other artists do?  I feel challenged to find a way to incorporate my personal view of the world in an entertaining way that doesn’t feel like I’m hitting my audience over the head with an agenda.

I don’t perform this piece of magic in every show.  It just doesn’t fit for every occasion and for every audience.  I do perform it for any theatre or performing arts center shows that I do because I think it adds another level of texture to the entire experience I am trying to create.  I hope it touches your soul.


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