The Charisma


Every CardShark possesses a unique charisma and magnetism that draws people to them.  We are fearless as we work a crowded networking event or loud nightclub and we command attention and respect as we give presentations from the stage or platform.

We have developed these skills by studying actors, musicians, movie stars, inspirational speakers, entrepreneurs, and other highly charismatic people.

If you have ever wanted to…

  • Own the room in any networking situation,
  • Learn how to give presentations that will make people hang on your every word,
  • Become a massively charismatic person and take control of the future you’ve always dreamed of.

MovieStar Charisma will teach you all of that, and more!

MovieStar Charisma is taught by The CardShark, Jason Michaels.  It distills all of Jason’s knowledge and expertise to easily-learned lessons that you can start using immediately!  Learn from more than two decades of studying these hypnotic secrets.

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