Munich, Germany


Recommended Things to Do:

Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site – While this isn’t a fun place to visit, it should be a required place to visit in order to learn how the Nazi party came to power, how they silenced, tortured, and killed their critics, and to understand why they had to be wiped off the face of the earth.

Architectural Sight Seeing – Munich is full of amazing architecture and you can easily spend a day marveling at the beautiful buildings.

Hofbrauhaus – As much travelling as I do, I had never experienced a restaurant/bar/brewery quite like the Hofbrauhaus.  You’ll get a authentic taste of Bavaria in the food, the beer, (the servers) and the general attitude.  Don’t hesitate to cut loose a little bit, everyone else is!

My Adventure – We left Ramstein AFB early in the morning and arrived at the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany later that day.  Garmisch is a beautiful little German village with breathtaking views of the Alps.

After Kevin and I checked in to our rooms we walked to the hotel ballroom where we would be performing our show later that evening for a conference that was occurring at the resort and for all of the local townspeople.

IMG_3233That night Kevin and I enjoyed entertaining a fun group of all ages.  We had both kids and adults, and everyone had a blast.  And while every show is a genuine pleasure for me to perform, my favorite part of that show was the time after the show that my entire team (performers and production team) spent sitting next to the bus IMG_3243staring into the night sky as we partook in cigars, libations, and laughter.

We had several options for what we should do the next day, a day that we had off.  Quite a few folks had told us we should go to the nearby mountain and enjoy the view from the top.  But since we were only about an hour and a half from Munich by train we opted for the big city.

As we were discussing what we should do in Munich, Bart and Kevin were in agreement that we should visit the Dachau Concentration Camp.  And being a student of history, I concurred.

Once we decided where we were going we had a bit of an adventure getting there.  We took a train to Munich, the we took a subway to a specific  part of Munich, then we took a city bus to the concentration camp.

As we arrived at the camp and started to begin our tour, the rain did, in fact, arrive.  The three of us stood under a shelter which, basically, was the front gate.  After coming all that way, we weren’t about to let a downpour stop us.  So, we hustled to the inside area where the exhibits were and spent about two hours reading about the history of Germany pre-World War II, how Hitler came to power, and all about Dachau – which was the concentration camp that all the other concentration camps were modeled after.

It was absolutely fascinating learning the history of this place and of Germany.  The three of us, on more than one occasion, looked at each other and wondered aloud how such a thing was possible.  The facts are mind-numbing and the simple fact that such horrible things happened less than 80 years is hard to stomach.  Even though I knew that my grandfather fought in World War II, it is hard to wrap my head around such a thing.  The atrocities that occurred there must never be allowed to occur again.  (Unfortunately such atrocities happen all over the world all the time, even today.)


After about three hours at Dachau, we found our way back to Munich and had ourselves a good look around.  Much like London, a personal highlight for me was seeing all of the incredible architecture.  I’ve never been a student of architecture, but this trip really opened my eyes to its beauty.

After a very full day it was time to find the Hofbrauhaus.  This was the place where everyone told us to find to eat and have a German beer.  And Bart explained to me that one of the things he enjoys most when travelling to different parts of the world is to sample the food and drink.  Since I’m a bit of a foodie, and certainly the adventurous type,  I was more than happy to search until we found it.

The Hofbrauhaus is absolutely huge.  Cavernous would be a good way to describe it.  And the place was packed.  When we finally found a table in the very back area we were greeted by a waitress dressed in a traditional German dress who took very good care of us.

I opted for the “Roast Pork with Crackling” with gravy and potato dumpling, and a German beer.   The meal and the atmosphere was outstanding.  The Hofbrauhaus definitely lived up to all the hype.

After a full day of touring the camp and walking around Munich, the dinner and brew did me in.  Bart wanted to keep exploring, but I was toast so Kevin, Bart and I headed back to the Resort and back to our regularly scheduled programming.


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