Magicians of the Caribbean, Final Days

Original article published January 2011

Day 7 – We spent the day in FL today.  Most of my days spent in FL are used to catch up on email, phone calls, etc.  Today was no different.  We found a cool little Starbucks and I took care of some emails and made a few business calls.  Afterwards, we had lunch at a fun Mexican restaurant and headed back to the ship early to prepare for that night’s show.

One of the fun parts of working on a ship is getting to know the crew/staff.  Kristin and I found ourselves hanging out at the Pub 437 several nights after the shows and we befriended the bartender Dedi.  Dedi is a huge fan of magic and we enjoyed hanging out with him.

Day 8 – Today we were back in Freeport for our final day in the Bahamas.  Kristin and I decided to head into town and do a little souvenir/Christmas (remember this was back in December) shopping.  I met a cool lady in the straw market who wove a bag that I bought for my sister.  We finished our time off at the Our Lucaya Resort beach working on our tans.

We had a great final show tonight and got everything packed up and ready for an early disembarkation.

Day 9 – So we got off the ship nice and early, made it through customs and waited for our show props to arrive.  We waited, we waited some more, and then we waited awhile longer.  After waiting for an hour and a half, I finally discovered that our props had been delivered about an hour and a half earlier but were just sitting in the customs area waiting to be claimed.  I must give a really nice lady customs officer some serious thanks for locating my equipment and then helping me get everything through the system so I could pack it up in the cargo van.  After Kristin and I finally got everything loaded, it was pretty uneventful.  We drove fourteen and a half hours back home to Nashville from FL.  The next day I returned the cargo van to the rental company.

That pretty much wraps up my very first cruising adventure.  I’ve found that every time I perform in a new setting there is a new set of challenges to overcome.  That’s one of the major challenges of being an entertainer.  At first, it was totally stressful and overwhelming, but I’ve come to enjoy it.  In fact, I would say that I’ve learned quite a bit about dealing with the challenges of life from the challenges that I face as an entertainer.  I hope that you too are able to embrace all the challenges that life throws at you and that you come out as a conqueror, or, at least with some fantastic adventure to share.

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