Magicians of the Caribbean, Day Two


Originally published January 2011

Well, I slept like a rock after the stress of the first day on board.  Day #2 was relatively calm in comparison.  We got the day going and grabbed some breakfast.  Because Day #2’s show was a completely different show than Day #1’s show was and I still was feeling a bit apprehensive.  Day #2’s show was a bit more artistic and not quite as much what I would call “commercial” magic.  And we still had to go through a quick tech rehearsal and sound check.  Luckily, we had planned that for late morning, so all my stressing would be over once I knew we were good from the technical side.  We took care of the sound check without any issues later that morning and were free for the rest of the day.

You know, I just realized that I didn’t explain the most challenging part of this gig in my Day One post.  Part of the reason for my stress level being high was because I was performing on a stage that was completely surrounded by seating.  Yes, the stage was surrounded 360 degrees by people.

The stage was completely surrounded 360 degrees by the audience. Yikes!

Now I knew this coming in, so I was mentally prepared.  It’s just that magic can sometimes have angle issues or lighting issues and performing with people completely surrounding you adds to the difficulty level.  Not only did I want to amaze everyone, I also had to make sure that I performed in a manner so that everyone would be able to see what I was doing.  It is a little disconcerting to know that no matter how well the show is going, when the audience is surrounding you, someone is always looking at your back.  That’s not good for making a connection with everyone!

I think it  was natural to be a little stressed until I performed each of my shows at least once in front of the ship’s audience.  Day #2’s show would be yet another test of both my planning skills and my performing skills.

This day was spent in Freeport, Bahamas.  It was actually quite cool and a little bit rainy, so Kristin and I decided to spend the day exploring the port area and not go into the city itself.


Unfortunately that was a short lived plan.  Because the weather was so sucky there really wasn’t much happening in the port of call.  We explored several local arts and crafts and souvenir vendors and ended up stumbling into a local bar that had a really good wi-fi connection.  We made the decision to just hang out there for much of the afternoon and I fetched my computer from the ship so I could get caught up on some emails.

I took care of a little business on the computer and Kristin read a book by David Sedaris that kept cracking her up.  It was a pretty tame day in the Bahamas.  In fact, if we hadn’t known that we would be back several times later in the week we would’ve definitely made more of an effort to see some things.  As it was, we knew we would have time to explore later.

Before we left port and headed back to Florida Kristin and I both made the decision to take motion sickness pills.  I think that may have been the smartest thing we did all day!  That night both shows went dscf2224very well.  The audiences responded to everything and I was quite pleased with the show.

After each show, we hung out and enjoyed meeting audience members.  Then we just took it easy before calling it a night and getting ready to do it all over again.  Click here to read the unexpected adventures of Days Three & Four.

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