Magic on a Train

Originally published in December 2011.

Last month, one of the highlights was performing strolling, interactive magic for Joyce and the Corning company on board a moving (!) dinner train.  I was really excited.  I had never been on a dinner train before and was looking forward to experiencing it.  Now, I’ve performed on board moving vessels before.  Numerous cruise ships come to mind.  But I had never had the opportunity to perform on board a train.

old-ky-dinner-trainWow!  That’s about all I can say.  What a challenge.  I didn’t realize that standing still for any length of time on a moving train would be such a feat!  Lucky for me the train wasn’t moving very fast.  It was just rolling down the track at a leisurely pace.  Even at that speed, it was still quite a trick in itself to perform interactive, close-up magic for all the seated, dining folks.

my-old-kentucky-dinnerSo, here’s the trick I figured out.  If you ever have to stand in one spot on board a train, and both of your hands are busy doing sleight of hand, brace your foot or the side of your leg against a chair or table that is anchored to the train car.  That way, when the train car shifts, you won’t sway back and forth or fall over.  Good luck!


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