Magic Adventures


Before reinventing himself as The CardShark, Jason Michaels was an award-winning professional magician.  He traveled all over the world with his own and with other magicians’ shows.  He chronicled some of his most memorable experiences over the years.  These are those stories.

Houdini’s Water Torture Cell

The Rockford Files

The Rockford Files, part 2

Renaissance Cups and Balls

Razor Blades

Thread of Hope

The Trip to Atlantic City

Don’t Forget Your Passport!

Getting the Trailer Stuck in a Parking Garage

Performing Magic on a Train

Magicians of the Caribbean

Magicians of the Caribbean, Day 2

Magicians of the Caribbean, Days 3 & 4

Magicians of the Caribbean, Days 5 & 6 *NEW*

Magicians of the Caribbean, Final Days *NEW*

Mystery, Intrigue, Cleverness, Ingenuity, Wicked Humor…