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We touched down at Heathrow Airport and proceeded to grab our luggage and meet our tour bus.  This was my first experience having my very own tour bus.  Since we had to drive anywhere from 2 to 8 hours between shows it was far easier to do a European tour on a tour bus than any other way.  Unfortunately the only time we spent in London that day was our bus driving us out of it to the first English city on our trip.

I was a little worried that our very busy schedule was going to keep us traveling every day with no time to visit London before we left Great Britain.  As we spoke to our production team and reviewed our tour schedule we realized that we were, in fact, going to have a full day to visit London and do some sightseeing.

The boys took the train to London-town.
The boys took the train to London-town.

Several days later we left Alconbury on our day off and took the train to London.  Woohoo!

Fellow traveler and video production guy Bart had contacted his cousin who lives in England and he found out that she was going to be in London the same day that we were.  So, our first stop was to meet Bart’s cousin at the Prince Albert Memorial and Park.

After the initial pleasantries and some time for them to visit, Bart’s cousin and her family had an appointment to keep at a nearby museum, and we were on our way.

When we were planning what we should do while in London all the locals we spoke to had plenty of opinions on what would be fun.  We finally decided on a “hop-on/hop-off” tour on the many buses that travel all over the metropolis of London.  And while I don’t have any idea of what we may have missed, the hop-on/hop-off tour was brilliant! (as they would say in England)

Keeping in mind that we did get on and off the tour buses several times at different parts of the city to see things that interested us, it took us all day on those buses to see the entire city.  Because we were there in April, the later it got in the day the colder we got.  As the sun started to set, we started to freeze our tails off.

Since we spent the day as tourists we really just did touristy things.  Personally, I love history and learning about all of the things that happened in the different parts of London was a blast.  I mentioned to Kevin and Bart that I would love to spend about a month in London just being a tourist and taking it all in.

Since the United States is such a young country we just don’t have the history that a place like Great Britain does.  I constantly found my mouth hanging open as I looked at the incredible architecture.  Personal highlights included the Tower Palace, the Tower Bridge, and Buckingham Palace.

I think I’ll let that pictures tell the rest of the story…

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

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