Kuwait City, Kuwait


Recommended Things to Do:

Kuwait Towers – The Kuwait Towers have a magnificent observation deck where you will have an incredible view of the city.

Al Marsa Restaurant – Al Marsa is an Arabic restaurant with very good food.  Expect the full service – from dates at the beginning of the meal to hot tea and coffee at the end, you will enjoy the experience of having a traditional Arabic meal.

Souk  Al-Mubarakiya – You could spend a day at this local market soaking in the sights, sounds, and tastes of “the good old days” of Kuwait.  Inexpensive shopping and huge variety of things to explore and find.

My Adventure – My team and I arrived in Kuwait on a hot summer night.  The locals told us that it had cooled down recently and that 95-100 degrees in the middle of the night felt pleasant.  (That gave me mixed feelings about the 122 degrees that I felt the following afternoon!)

We were assigned a group of guys to make sure that we made it to each of our performances over the next few days.  I’m told that Kuwait is a very safe country, but after looking at the size of these guys it felt a great deal like we had been assigned a private security detail.

Famous highway sign in Kuwait.
Famous highway sign in Kuwait.

Over the next five days my team of entertainers and I performed several private shows at different locations in the country.  Our days were filled with meetings VIPs and entertaining them with sleight of hand and mind reading, and our evenings consisted of staging a 90-minute show of comedy magic, incredible mind reading, and interactive sleight-of-hand.  I’m happy to report that all of our shows were massive successes.

When you get a group of professional entertainers together, there is no doubt that we absolutely love entertaining audiences.  The sounds of laughter, ‘oohhs and aahhs’, and loud applause fuel our engines, so I would definitely say that the shows were the highlights for us.  However, we did have a day set aside for sightseeing, and we had a blast!

We started the day by visiting the Kuwaiti Towers, which gave us incredible views of the city.

We then made our way to the local mall.  This place was huge…absolutely huge.  We spent a couple of hours looking around and somehow I ended up inside every single watch store that I passed.  I decided it would be a great story if I bought a watch in Kuwait.  After marveling at Tags and Rolexes, I settled on a Fossil with a special travel kit.


Each member of our team had one or two things in mind that they wanted to do or purchase while we were in Kuwait.  That meant that our next stop was at a local market.  We were specifically looking for a new travel bag for Michael and some local coffee for Katalina.  We found plenty of both!

We finished our day off with an incredible meal at a restaurant called Al Marsa.  Part of the fun of travelling to different parts of the world is experiencing the local culture.  Al Marsa served us a vary tasty Arab meal with far more than we could ever eat in one sitting.  And somehow, I ended up at a table of locals performing a few of my favorite sleight of hand pieces!

Our trip to Kuwait was a blast.  Every time I leave the States and visit another country two things happen: my mind is opened up to experience other cultures and appreciate them, and I am reminded just how fortunate I am to call the United States of America my home.


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