Comayagua, Honduras

Recommended Things To Do:

Pulhapanzak Resort: It will take you several hours to get there, but the zip lines and waterfall tour make it is soooo worth it! Highest Recommendation!

My Adventure We touched down in one of the top five most dangerous airports in the world – Toncontin International in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

My team and I met our point of contact right outside of customs and were whisked away on a ninety minute drive to Soto Cano military base right outside of Comayagua, where we were scheduled to perform a show for the men and women deployed there.

While on our drive, our host Steve, told us that the reason the airport is so dangerous is because of its really short runway. The runway is situated right after you fly over a mountain range. Basically, you have to drop straight in to land.

And to top it off, the local villagers have built their houses right up to the runway. When you are sitting on the plane looking out your window, you swear that you are about to land in someone’s house.

Then Steve topped it off by telling us the second reason it’s so dangerous – the drug trade!

Fortunately for us, Comayagua and its surrounding area proved to be beautiful and safe.

What was unfortunate was the insanely winding roads that made up our drive. As someone who suffers from motion sickness, all I can tell you is to sit in the front seat and hold on tight. The roads wind around huge hills and change elevation frequently. Whoa!

When we arrived at Soto Cano they were having a craft fair with lots of local artists, artisans, and small business owners displaying their wares. We got to sample different coffees and chocolates as well as discover some amazing art work.

I was so taken by several of the paintings, I bought one that celebrated the Mayan culture from a local artist. After we left the craft fair we made a much needed stop at a local cigar shop and purchased several amazing “fellowship sticks” to enjoy and to take home to friends.

The next day we were scheduled to visit Pulhapanzak resort which had a series of zip lines and one of the most stunning waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

Since I had never been zip lining before, I was blown away by how much fun they were. And the views were incredible. What I didn’t realize was that the real “star” of the resort was the waterfall tour.

We were told that the waterfall tour was dangerous. What we found out was that this tour would never have been legal in the United States. Yes, it was definitely dangerous. But since that has never stopped me before, I figured why should it stop me now.

This was unlike any tour I’ve ever taken before. We hiked and waded through the water to get to it. Then we went into and behind the waterfall! And instead of telling you how intense it was, I figured I would just show you. Enjoy the video clip that my friend Joy shot on her phone.

Now let me answer a few of the questions you’re probably thinking…I could barely see anything at all because of the intensity of the waterfall beating down on me.

And yes, if you let go of the rope that we were all holding on to and fell, you were probably toast. (Fortunately that didn’t happen to any of us!)

And just so you know, there were several people who had to turn back because it was much more physically demanding than any of us realized.

We left the resort totally spent and exhausted, but later that night my entire team got together and played several hours of poker. Overall, it was a brilliant day of fun and camaraderie.

The next day we spent the afternoon preparing for our show. That night Nathan Coe Marsh, Christian and Katalina, and I put on a ninety-minute performance that brought huge laughs, some amazing magic, and a taste of home to about a hundred and fifty soldiers and airmen. We had an absolute blast!

After the show, we still wanted to get a little taste of the local nightlife. Our host Steve took us to the town square where there was a small festival going on. We looked around, sampled some traditional Honduran food, met some extremely friendly people, and enjoyed our last evening in this beautiful country.

Honduras proved to be awesome. I learned that a lot of American ex-pats move down there because they can live like kings on a moderate retirement/pension. I certainly can see the draw. Between the beautiful countryside, the friendly people, and the monetary exchange rate, Honduras proved to be a huge winner!


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