Welcome to CardShark LifeStyle


CardShark LifeStyle is a community of intelligent, sophisticated, knowledgeable men and women. Our members are redefining the term “CardShark” for a modern-day culture. We believe that a “CardShark” should be able to thrive in any situation solely off their wits, cleverness, and ingenuity.

Our philosophy was born from the idea that at any time we should be able to be dropped off in a city, with nothing more than the clothes on our back, and by the end of the day have resources, contacts, and influence.

We use our secret knowledge and well-honed skills to connect people and share incredible experiences with them. While we never seek to hog the spotlight or be “the life of the party”, by utilizing the power of mystery and intrigue we are often called “the most interesting person in the room”.

The tools in our toolbox include sleight of hand expertise, the ability to weave words, and advanced social dynamics. Simply put, we thrive and command respect because we make other people feel like VIPs.

The CardShark LifeStyle…Mystery, Intrigue, Cleverness, Ingenuity, Wicked Humor.  Join us on the journey…


Mystery, Intrigue, Cleverness, Ingenuity, Wicked Humor…